resh QUALITY TRADE SUPPLIES adheres to the long-term approach based on partnership, willingness to investments and active participation in the development of railway industry and creation of competitive advantages for CIS countries. Our company is a Trading house for large companies in the Middle East and Central Asia in the construction and industrial areas. QUALITY TRADE SUPPLIES takes an important role in the implementation of major public projects with the involvement of large producers/developers companies in the control systems, energy and communications areas.

The company QUALITY TRADE SUPPLIES was founded in 2012 for participation in the international infrastructure program transport corridor Europe—Western China, one of the largest international infrastructure projects to be implemented by 2023 in the territories of Russia, Kazakhstan and China. This transcontinental transport corridor «Europe – Western China» is based on united high-speed highways and four rail routes which will connect the West with China. We have done a great job of organizing the procurement and logistics of various systems from different countries of the European Union for the construction of roads and Railways under the government program.

We offer a wide range of solutions for heavy industry production, construction of railway and automobile roads — from turn-key solutions to subsystems, maintenance services, application for system integration and signaling equipment.